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Real Estate Indicators platform: What is real estate information?

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Real estate information is any useful information to support you make informed decisions related to real estate. Real estate information is diverse in form, quality, quantity and quality. We can divide real estate indicators and information into several aspects, information related to:

A Particular Property

- Sale price and transaction history

- Maintenance logs

- Lease contracts


Around the Property

- Transactions on similar properties

- Real estate price rates

- Accessibility and ease of navigation

- Services and Retail

- Quality of services


Market Drivers

- Government spending and comm. trade

- Real estate financing and lending

- Real estate market elements

- Rules and regulations


What do we offer you at Mutoon Technology?

At the outset, we should make it clear that the strength of the decisions you make depends on the information you get to make the decisions. Any decision based on weak or incomplete information will be a weak decision and not based on complete, outdated and inaccurate information

There is no doubt that the task of collecting data is not an easy task, and requires a great deal of effort and time from collection, follow-up, revision and many other tasks. However, the most difficult task is to come up with useful information from this data. Here comes the importance of advanced data science methods to extract insights in the form of consumable information that is useful to you in making the right decisions

What is technical about it?

The data currently is scattered and in a non-consumable format and there are problems with its quality. The volume of data makes the task difficult to tackle manually or with direct human intervention. Nevertheless, we have developed algorithms leveraging artificial intelligence to raise the quality of local data for the Kingdom's real estate market. We had no way but technical innovation to raise the quality of data to make sure you make the right decisions. Our solutions supply you the information based on accurate data and away from daily human biases (for example, most villa transactions are registered as land plots, making indicators useless due to poor data quality; hence the need to innovate. This is one of the challenges we have overcome with innovation and inquisitiveness). All of this information power, you get through Mutoon Technology | Your Real Estate Information Partner

Mutoon Technology provides you with this insightful informational power. If you are a real estate appraiser, real estate investor, real estate developer or any of those interested in real estate information, our information solutions are designed for you

  • Details real estate transactions, analytics and market indices for all cities and governorates of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Here you can dive into historical real estate market transactions' information in the Kingdom and access the information up to the transaction level. You can also search for transactions that have taken place on a particular property historically and see monthly comparisons between neighborhoods and plots in terms of changing number and value of deals, to spot any exceptional momentum in certain locations of the city. Trends and indicators can be viewed as tables and displayed annually, quarterly and monthly according to the type of indicator. Dashboards display information in more than one format to serve your different decision needs. We empower you with the power of our real estate information solutions to make informed decisions:


  • Indicators of real estate operations for more than 40 types of operations

Indicators of real estate operations are considered the largest container for real estate market momentum, as real estate transactions are part of real estate conveyance, and real estate conveyance is part of real estate operations. In order to know the state of the real estate market and trends, we have designed these indicators for you to keep you updated on the momentum of real estate operations in the Kingdom for more than 40 types of operations, such as conveyance, foreclosure, sorting and other operations up to the city and governorate level:


تفاصيل صفقات مدينة الرياض المحددة على الخريطة | متون للتقنية
  • Riyadh real estate transactions on map

We have identified and linked real estate transactions of the city of Riyadh on the map, to make it easy for you to discover patterns of real estate transactional market based on location, with the coordinates of transactions, to explore the spatial dimension of the information and indicators of real estate market in the city of Riyadh:


  • Various economic and real estate indicators

It is not possible to make decisions related to an economy, without knowing the economic situation through certain indicators related to the sector directly or indirectly. We have identified and collected for you the most important economic and real estate indicators from different sources in one place to support your decisions, we provide you information-rich real estate solutions:


مؤشرات الصفقات العقارية من متون للتقنية
  • Indicators of real estate transactions for the latest period

For quick access to real estate information, we have developed real estate indicators that give you the latest numbers and indicators of real estate transactions so that you can access real estate information as quickly as possible to make informed decisions based on information:


  • Real estate projects indicators

The real estate market is a market of supply and demand, for this we have provided information on the projects of the Ministry of Housing and the private sector (Sakani and Wafi - off-plan sale and rent programs), to monitor part of the market size and its developments and give you an opportunity to compare between different projects to make your decisions related to projects:


  • Real estate market service providers

You will definitely need services from the real estate market service providers. We have collected for you contact information for real estate market service providers, with the aim of promoting integration between all stakeholders in the real estate market in the Kingdom. Also, you can reach out to manufacturers of building materials and brows their products and search through building and construction materials products to make your decisions as quickly as possible:


  • Periodic and non-periodic reports

We publish periodically and non-periodically reports on the real estate situation in the Kingdom, with the aim of raising transparency in the real estate sector and communicating information to the largest possible number of interested parties:


مقالات تحليلية للمعلومات العقارية يكتبها لكم مجموعة من محللي مجتمع متون للتقنية
  • Analytical articles

We share analysis for numbers related to the real estate sector in the Kingdom in the form of articles that attempt to answer a question or a set of questions. A group of writers and analysts share their thoughts and analysis through Mutoons' platform:


المجلس العقاري في مجتمع متون للتقنية
  • Real Estate and Economic Forum

An open space for members of the Mutoon community to share and comment on the real estate market developments. Simply it is a forum for sharing information, news and analysis on real estate and the economy of Saudi Arabia



after you knew

the importance

of real estate


Are you ready

to make

informed decisions?

A simplified explanation of how you can access real estate information on our gates to view details of historical real estate transactions in the Kingdom

Watch now how informed decisions can be made:

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