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Our Vision

A real estate sector that is rich in information
where we are the main player in its enrichment

Our Mission

We deliver to you real estate insights

to make informed decisions

Our Values

Innovation . Research & Development . Proficiency . Comprehensive

Our story

Mutoon Technology is a Saudi startup company, built and developed by the ambitious professionals of Saudi Arabia. Mutoon seed began in early 2018 to serve the real estate sector in the Kingdom. We see information gaps in the real estate sector, which allowed rumors and inaccurate reports that may take an extreme negative or extreme positive sentiment. Perhaps this could indicate conflict of interest for the authors of these rumors, which made reports inaccurate on the real estate sector. Our vision is to become the primary source of accurate and reliable real estate information to support your decisions.

we provide

We provide easy-to-use, information-rich analytics solutions that help the user make informed decisions in the real estate sector. We provide these solutions to bridge the information gap between decision-makers in the real estate market.

We use the latest methods of data science and artificial intelligence to solve information challenges facing the real estate sector. We aspire to be the pioneer of technology, a pioneer in providing information and business intelligence to the real estate sector in the Gulf region.

Who We Are

About Us
Image by Abdullah Alaradi

Overcoming Real Estate Market Data Challenges


One of the common challenges among real estate market dealers is weak real estate data. One of the biggest problems with real estate transaction data is incorrect registration of the property type . This led to ineffective real estate indicators. For example, the lack of data availability for residential villa transactions due to many reasons. One of these reasons is their registration as residential land transactions in the data issued by the Ministry of Justice. This resulted in inflation in price indicators for plots of land and the lack of a price index for villas.


Using artificial intelligence technology , we were able to identify these deals and reclassify these real estate deals to their correct type on the ground. We provide this information through our solutions.


Solutions &

What We Offer

Determining Participants in the Real Estate Market


In order for us to achieve our goal of bridging the information gap in the real estate market, we identified all participants in the real estate market.


By this, we can reach these participants and link them together to achieve integration in the real estate market.


Image by Mishaal Zahed

Information solutions


Using data treated with the latest methods of data science and artificial intelligence, we have developed information solutions that help you take with confidence, informed decisions, Quickly & Easily in the real estate sector, for:

  • Real estate Appraisal

  • Real estate Development

  • Real estate and commercial Investment

  • Informing your clients of market prices to reach a specific decision

  • Support any real estate decision


Fast and easy to use information solutions

We designed our information solutions to enable you to quickly access information, and easily make decisions, after studying the best ways to visualize information. Any user can access real estate information at the lowest costs. We use creative methods to visualize real estate information, consistent with the quality of information we provide for the real estate sector.

The latest technologies in data science

We use the latest artificial intelligence technology in data processing to raise its quality. We developed our own algorithms to solve real estate data problems. Our method of solving real estate problems using technologies with minimal human intervention to avoid human biases that affect data and affect decision quality, while ensuring the quality of information solutions is sustainable.

Accurate & Updated

Our real estate data has increased in accuracy after processing it using advanced methods of artificial intelligence. For example, the number of residential villas registered in our databases increased more than 18x in Riyadh, from the database issued by the Ministry of Justice. We tested the results of the algorithms using satellite imagery to ensure the quality of the information and algorithms applied. We are constantly working on data processing and updating information repeatedly during the year to ensure the availability of up-to-date and accurate information on the real estate market for our clients.

Why Us?

Why Us

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